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**Rumor Has It* That Marc Anthony's Oversized "Crotch" is the reason for He & J Lo's Break Up


According to lipstickalley.com A source (nameless) who works in the clothing industry in Puerto Rico - relayed that the real reason for the Lopez/Anthony split is ....(gasp)..that Jennyfur's vagina could no longer take the pounding of Marc Anthony's well-known 11in wrist-thick penis.

The real reason why JLo and Skeletor's marriage has a chalk outline around it, isn't because of the rumors that he's got hos in every crevice of Eternia or that he wanted a say in every piece of fabric that hugged her double pan de agua ass. A poster at Lipstick Alley (via ONTD) says it's because JLo threw a black lace veil over her chocha and mourned the loss of all feeling down there due to Skeletor's 11-inch crotch arm of force. SANTO DIOS! To quote my abuelita: "Aye can't!"

First of all, whose wrist are we using as a measurement, because if it's Skeletor's then that's giving me a totally different image. Skeletor could share wrist bracelets with Barbie, so that's just making me picture his dick looking like a long tapeworm. Second of all, maybe Skeletor is just a giant walking dick with a tiny wig on its head, because I'm pretty sure he's 11 inches long from top to bottom.

source: dlisted.com

Ive always viewed him as a scraggly little dog and wondered why she was with him in the first place.. hmm.. now i see!! Oh well J Lo im sure there are plenty of women who would love to try out the mandingo!!

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