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Minkoze!  Learn it, practice and memorize because the future isn’t just in plain English anymore. 



The Haitians emphatically yell Minkoze when everyday words don’t due an object or action justice.  See a beautiful woman, Minkoze!  Win some dough, Minkoze!  And now, in what can only be termed a ground-breaking endeavor, Minkoze.com officially launches in ’07 delivering Creole and French culture to the world and uniting this vast community under one umbrella.


“Finally there’s a website where people from all over can go and network, chat, create business opportunities and socialize with others who speak their native tongue,” explains Shaft, founder and CEO of Minkoze.com.  You can listen to Creole/French music, download the latest videos, create your own profile, have classmates, promote your business!!”


A virtual Creole/French Social Networking Website, Minkoze.com links individuals from the US with family, friends and opportunities back home.  Why pay ridiculous long distance charges to Canada, Miami or Haiti when you can chat for free at Minkoze.com?!  Users also have the luxury of downloading Zouk and Kompa music for .99, with new catalogues added daily.  Kompa Gold, Djakout Mizik’s and Krezi Mizik’s latest work are just some of the exciting titles ready and available now!


Equipped with luxuries of other notable sites like personalized web pages where users can create a profile, add pictures or slide shows and promote themselves, Minkoze.com is the first to dedicate its cyberspace specifically to a unique community.  In addition to updated job postings, this innovative site provides listings of the hottest parties around the planet.  Even if you’re outside the Creole/French diaspora, it’s a great way to advertise and tap into an international market. 


“The influence of places like Haiti and France in popular culture is tremendous to say the least,” says Shaft who himself is of Haitian descent.  “To have a platform like Minkoze.com, where you can be a step ahead of the rest when it comes to our style and ideas is amazing.  Finally, there’s somewhere to go for us to freely express ourselves, stay in touch with our roots, network with one another, build prospects and let everyone see why we’re so viable in business and lifestyle.”


Minkoze.com generated scores of new users already buzzing about this latest craze. Creating a firestorm among the web community, Minkoze.com is by far the next realm of the internet and in turn, the future.


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